Why Choose a Career with All Covered?

Our comprehensive benefits package and our commitment to training and professional development enables our consultants to remain current in the ever-changing network arena.

We were founded in 1997 by visionaries who recognized that small to medium-sized businesses needed reliable and professional network engineering and computer support. Since that time, we have expanded to 24 markets in the largest metropolitan areas of the country.

We believe in providing consistent, high quality professional services to more than 2,500 clients nationwide, everyday. Our proven methodology enables us to deliver what we promise to our clients, including ongoing maintenance, strategic planning, remote monitoring, and a 24 x 7 help desk.

A nationwide engineering force, with an average of 6 years of network experience per consultant, enables our employees a vast discussion forum to respond to unique network situations.

The small business market segment is one of the fastest and strongest markets in the US today. More new jobs are created here than any other business segment. More jobs, means more network and IT needs, and an increased requirement for our services.

The key to our achievements is a strong and experienced management team. Our executives have a history of building successful professional services and related companies. Visit our management team page for more information about the team we have assembled.

We value our employees and believe that our clients are best served by technically competent and professionally experienced consultants. Our comprehensive benefits package, and our commitment to training and professional development enables our consultants to remain current in the ever changing network arena.

We provide consultants, not technicians to our clients. Our clients consider our consultants as trusted advisors, experts in managing the lifeblood of their business: their network and IT resources. Technology is constantly changing, meaning new challenges and opportunities for our consultants to shine. This enables our consultants to stay sharp and deliver high quality solutions and recommendations to our clientele.

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Over a century of innovation
in optics and electronics.

The history of Konica Minolta begins in 1873, when Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic materials in Tokyo. By 1900, the company had developed its first camera. Japan's first plain paper copier was introduced in 1971. A merger of Konica and Minolta was accomplished in 2003, creating a corporate giant with wide-ranging expertise in digital, optical and electronic technology.


Konica starts business as Rokusaburo Sugiura begins selling photographic & lithographic materials at Konishiya Rokubeiten in Kojimachi, Tokyo.

photographic & lithographic materials


Markets "Cherry Hand Camera", Japan's first brand-name camera.

Cherry Hand Camera


The precursor of Minolta, Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten (Japan-Germany Photo Company), is established by Kazuo Tajima and begins production of cameras in Japan.

Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten (Japan-Germany Photo Company)


Introduction of Sakura Natural Color Film, the first color film made in Japan.

Sakura Natural Color Film


Minolta Copymaster, the company's first copier, is released.

first copier


A specially modified Minolta camera is carried aboard the spacecraft Friendship 7. In the following decades, Minolta technology is adopted for both Apollo lunar missions and Mir space station missions.

Minolta camera


Release of U-Bix480, a high-performance photostatic plain paper copier.

high-performance photostatic plain paper copier


Introduction of the world's first 35mm compact autofocus camera, model C35AF.

first 35mm compact autofocus camera, model C35AF


Releases EP450Z, the world's first copier with zoom magnification/ reduction function.

first copier with zoom magnification/ reduction function


Develops an ultra-highprecision aspheric plastic lens for CD players.

plastic lens


Releases the model 7000 SLR camera with autofocus function.

autofocus function


Releases model CF70, a digital full-color copier featuring breakthrough LIMOS technology for superior image quality.

digital full-color copier


Konica and Minolta are merged to leverage the leadership technologies and innovations of both companies.

Konica and Minolta


Introduction of the first bizhub multifunctional peripheral (MFP), bringing fast document printing, copying and scanning to the hub of any business.

first bizhub multifunctional peripheral (MFP)


CBS SwingVision, a highspeed motion-analysis system sponsored by Konica Minolta, is awarded a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievement.

CBS SwingVision


Forms strategic alliance with the General Electric Company (GE) to develop and commercialize energy-saving OLED technology for lighting applications.

energy-saving OLED technology


10th anniversary of Konica Minolta's exclusive Simitri toner, the world's first polymerized toner; from its introduction in 2000, Simitri toner has used biomass technology to reduce environmental impact.

world's first polymerized toner